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Unique Urethane

As the original inventor of the protection material for the LCD display, We Foot Technolgy had a thing or two in tension-related material.
By the combination of shock absorption and resilience 
in activity, energy efficiency is increased and lower body 
fatigue is reduced.

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Feet and Shoes Must Work Together Better to Prevent Injuries 
and Improve Performance.

All Workout Must Start by Wearing Functional Footwear to Prevent Feet Pain.

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If more than one of the following questions grab your attention, you should consider wearing WeFoot Socks.

Q: I suffered from an ankle injury during a workout.

Q: I can't pedal properly with full power while I'm on a bike.

Q: My toes hurt when I hike.

Q: When I do trouble shots, my stance is never stable.

Q: It's not easy to wear shoes due to my high instep.

Q: I have a soft insole but my ankles still hurt.

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