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Dual-Grip Non-Slip Socks

With our Patented Special Urethane Non-Slip pads on the inside and outside, our Non-Slip Socks will help you improve your performance and safety like no other grip socks you know.


Extra Grip, Extra Stability

We slip and we fall. Sometimes it's okay but many times it's not. Add extra grip on every step of your way in your favorite sports and daily life with our ultimate Non-Slip socks. The change in performance is so dramatic that many professional players wear them, not to mention how much safer it would be.

Inside and Outside, Dual-Grip Non-Slip

We slip when the surface is slippery and our feet are slippery. That is why we add our Patented Non-Slip pads on the outside and inside the socks. The inner pads will create extra grip between your feet and socks, which gives you the stability of a completely different level.

Endorsed and Loved by Professional Sports Clubs