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WEFOOT® IN&OUT Dual-Grip PLUS Crew Socks

WEFOOT® IN&OUT Dual-Grip PLUS Crew Socks

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WE FOOT®: Designed for Athletes, Made for EVERYONE

  • Unique In&Out Dual-Grip Socks of WE FOOT TECHNOLOGY® will improve the overall safety of your daily life by providing a perfect grip solution.
  • Our Dual-Grip Socks will also enhance your sporting performance by providing more stable footwork.

Absolute Grip for Your Performance and Safety

Our patented Polyurethane Grip Pads will provide the ultimate grip and outperform similar products. People can walk and run better with less stress on the sole thanks to our unique Biomimetic Grip Pads on both in and out of the socks.

  • The Unique Polyurethane Grips: Crafted from soft and robust polyurethane, these grips are inspired by our expertise in manufacturing shock-absorbing foam for LCDs used in smartphones. They offer both comfortable movement and robust anti-slip functionality simultaneously.
  • Perfect Absorption Capabilities of the Grips: Our grip pads feature a unique cell structure, inspired by the efficiency of octopus suction cups. This exceptional design ensures breathability, allowing our products to deliver anti-slip performance even in challenging conditions like rain or excessive sweating.

Patented IN and OUT Grip Positioning

Our socks incorporate an innovative dual-grip technology with strategically positioned grip pads both inside and outside. These inter-crossed grip pads provide superior traction and stability on various surfaces, ensuring every people remain steady and confident with every step.

Perfect Athletic Socks

  • Diamond Pattern Knitting on the calf: This pattern offers optimal pressure distribution on the calf, enhancing comfort.

  • Ventilated Instep Design: Featuring Bio-max threads and a mesh structure on the instep, this design ensures moisture wicking and exceptional breathability.

  • Enhanced Footbed Cushioning: Weave the sock's sole with added thickness to effectively absorb shocks and provide a soft wearing experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Ditched all other brands!

Ordered 3 pairs and have been using them for a while now. They have surpassed all expectations. They're comfortable, fit just right, and the grip has been impressive! While playing, I don't worry about the socks so less distractions. I've stopped using all other grip socks brands.

Chanhee Hwang
Good product, bad quality control

I heard a lot of positives about these socks, so I gave them a try (have similar ones called CheatSox sold in Korea). I purchased 5 pairs of socks, and for 3-4 of the pairs, the grip in the heel started to come off AS SOON AS I put on the sock or after just one wear. It wasn't just one grip pod but multiple. I had 1-2 pairs that so far have not had any grips fall off.

The socks themselves feel very nice and have great grip. You can tell the difference between wearing traditional socks vs wearing these. I am just disappointed with the lack of quality control as I expected these grips to last much longer (considering my CheatSox socks have lasted about a year and none of the grip pods had fallen off)

Damian Cvetkovic
Best Company and Grip Socks

The Grip Socks from Wefoot are the best I've ever tried. I've tested several pairs, but none compare to the quality of Wefoot grip socks. Their customer service is exceptional too. If you encounter any issues, contacting them is easy, and they respond promptly to help resolve any problems. I once had an issue with a sock, and they immediately sent me a new pair. Additionally, I was able to exchange my thin grip socks for the regular ones hassle-free. I highly recommend this brand to everyone and will exclusively purchase from them in the future.

Karla Reisch
Impressive customer service

First time customer. Had issue with a pair of socks I ordered for my teen. Reached out and We Foot sent a new pair right away. I will order again!


Very comfortable, way better than my other grip socks