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WEFOOT® IN&OUT Dual-Grip PLUS Crew Socks

WEFOOT® IN&OUT Dual-Grip PLUS Crew Socks

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WE FOOT®: Designed for Athletes, Made for EVERYONE

  • Unique In&Out Dual-Grip Socks of WE FOOT TECHNOLOGY® will improve the overall safety of your daily life by providing a perfect grip solution.
  • Our Dual-Grip Socks will also enhance your sporting performance by providing more stable footwork.

Absolute Grip for Your Performance and Safety

Our patented Polyurethane Grip Pads will provide the ultimate grip and outperform similar products. People can walk and run better with less stress on the sole thanks to our unique Biomimetic Grip Pads on both in and out of the socks.

  • The Unique Polyurethane Grips: Crafted from soft and robust polyurethane, these grips are inspired by our expertise in manufacturing shock-absorbing foam for LCDs used in smartphones. They offer both comfortable movement and robust anti-slip functionality simultaneously.
  • Perfect Absorption Capabilities of the Grips: Our grip pads feature a unique cell structure, inspired by the efficiency of octopus suction cups. This exceptional design ensures breathability, allowing our products to deliver anti-slip performance even in challenging conditions like rain or excessive sweating.

Patented IN and OUT Grip Positioning

Our socks incorporate an innovative dual-grip technology with strategically positioned grip pads both inside and outside. These inter-crossed grip pads provide superior traction and stability on various surfaces, ensuring every people remain steady and confident with every step.

Perfect Athletic Socks

  • Diamond Pattern Knitting on the calf: This pattern offers optimal pressure distribution on the calf, enhancing comfort.

  • Ventilated Instep Design: Featuring Bio-max threads and a mesh structure on the instep, this design ensures moisture wicking and exceptional breathability.

  • Enhanced Footbed Cushioning: Weave the sock's sole with added thickness to effectively absorb shocks and provide a soft wearing experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sabrina Flores
Great grip sock

Love these!

A Step Up

These are fantastic grip socks. They’re higher quality than my generic pair, which have rubber elements inside and out. The felt-like grips on this pair are comfortable under foot and do a great job of keeping my foot locked in during decelerations and cuts. Add in a high quality sock material and a fantastic price and you’ve got a real winner here. Now my only problem is that I need more as I want to wear them every time I play!

Jonathan Ricketts
Awesome grip socks

It’s very difficult to find a budget friendly but high quality grip sock. We foot had done a brilliant job! Grips both inside and outside of the sock. Not the cheap rubber grips that just get more slippery when they get wet either!

Connor Rutz
Best socks by far

These are not your average grip socks. I am very picky about my grip socks and can’t stand company’s that just stick some rubber on a sock and call it a grip sock.
This sock is much different, the quality of the sock itself is unmatched. It wraps around your foot for a snug fit and won’t move at all no matter how sweaty your foot gets. The grips are fantastic, very minimal so you don’t feel them under your feet but have amazing grip. You literally can’t slip in these socks.
On top of that if you pair them with the wefoot insoles it’s game over!
Great product.

Really great

I’ve used plenty of grip socks in the past, but these are top notch. Great compression and the grip is awesome too. The comfort is there. I guess this is why Son chooses to wear them. I’ve order more now.