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WEFOOT® IN&OUT Dual-Grip Compression/Knee Socks (Thin)

WEFOOT® IN&OUT Dual-Grip Compression/Knee Socks (Thin)

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WE FOOT®: Designed for Athletes, Made for EVERYONE

  • Unique In&Out Dual-Grip Socks of WE FOOT TECHNOLOGY® will improve the overall safety of your daily life by providing a perfect grip solution.
  • Our Dual-Grip Socks will also enhance your sporting performance by providing more stable footwork.

Absolute Grip for Your Performance and Safety

Our patented Polyurethane Grip Pads will provide the ultimate grip and outperform similar products. People can walk and run better with less stress on the sole thanks to our unique Biomimetic Grip Pads on both in and out of the socks.

  • The Unique Polyurethane Grips: Crafted from soft and robust polyurethane, these grips are inspired by our expertise in manufacturing shock-absorbing foam for LCDs used in smartphones. They offer both comfortable movement and robust anti-slip functionality simultaneously.
  • Perfect Absorption Capabilities of the Grips: Our grip pads feature a unique cell structure, inspired by the efficiency of octopus suction cups. This exceptional design ensures breathability, allowing our products to deliver anti-slip performance even in challenging conditions like rain or excessive sweating.

Patented IN and OUT Grip Positioning

Our socks incorporate an innovative dual-grip technology with strategically positioned grip pads both inside and outside. These inter-crossed grip pads provide superior traction and stability on various surfaces, ensuring every people remain steady and confident with every step.

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Impeccable quality and design

As the title states - this is a top-tier Grip Sock. The quality is night and day difference with any other sock I own; such balanced thin materials while being robust and solid in its build.

I know these will last a while. The differences in my game are noticeable - quicker on the turns, more stable in my feet when jockeying/sprinting/turning, and even helps me plant my feet better for more powerful shots.