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WEFOOT® Sports Leg Tube

WEFOOT® Sports Leg Tube

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Features of WEFOOT Sports Leg Tube:

Use of Lycra Spandex material

: Lycra Spandex is used, providing better durability compared to regular materials. It maintains elasticity for a long time and has excellent recovery properties. Its resistance to wear ensures minimal changes in quality, resulting in a longer product lifespan, allowing for extended periods of wear.


Mesh Material Utilization

: The calf area features a mesh structure in the shape of WEFOOT TECHNOLOGY's TECH-NAVI logo, facilitating easy sweat drainage and lowering lower body temperature during exercise.


Biomax Implementation

: Biomax, a functional microfiber yarn, is utilized for exceptional drying speed. It efficiently and swiftly expels moisture moved from the skin, enhancing breathability and ventilation.


Bottom Overlock Treatment

: To prevent potential unraveling at the bottom that may occur during wear, an overlock treatment is applied. This reduces instances of thread unraveling or loosening, contributing to an extended product lifespan.

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Customer Reviews

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Adam H
Excellent Sleeve!

Very comfortable and works well with the grip socks! Provides enough compression without being too tight and ventilation on the back provides enough cooling for playing in the heat.